SOWL has a bowl for you!

We note a growing desire to eat healthy but the information conveyed is sometimes contradictory. As a result, the consumer is often lost.

SOWL offers fair and reasoned nutrition : no single or frozen food flow. No matter what you like, SOWL has a bowl for you!

Who needs “detox” when eating well every day?

We communicate in a clear and simple way

We collaborate with specialists, inform our customers about the “right” associations, about the choice of the best food combinations for them. There are as many possible combinations as there are tastes in nature:

  • A range of varied and delicious ingredients to meet your desire for different food combinations
  • A natural and quality food: without additives, we offer alternatives to refined sugar.
  • Mainly seasonal products, of controlled and ethical origin, and organic if possible.
  • A multitude of choices between gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan or vegetarian products.

This is what SOWL offers you: simplicity, freshness and speed.

WHO ARE WE? 3 strands of passionate girls

May wouldn’t have imagined her life outside of a restaurant, after 10 years of restaurant management experience. She wanted to embark on the great SOWL adventure! May manages the HR department, the design of the restaurants as well as the proper functioning of the order terminals.

Ségolène, chef and graduate in sports nutrition, dreamed of being able to express her creativity through her bowls in order to share her passion for nutrition and good products! She is also in charge of SOWL marketing with Chloé.


Chloé joined the SOWL team more than a year ago now. She travels around Brussels by bike in search of new hotspots for healthy food! She’s brilliantly shaping SOWL’s identity day after day. She is in charge of marketing and communication at SOWL and is always available to answer your questions!

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