Healthy Lifestyle

Multiple functionalities are provided on our digital terminals: customization of course, but also the updating of nutritional values whenever there’s ingredient change.

Thus, you can follow the evolution of your basket in nutritional terms: fibre, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and salt are detailed in grams.

You can also easily find specifications about allergens for each ingredient.


For a so-called low-calorie diet: A person who wants to cut down on fat can skip the vinaigrettes by garnishing their salad with fresh lemon juice instead of the dressing. A person who wants to cut down on carbohydrates can increase their portion of vegetables and reduce or eliminate their portion of starch! (Or vice versa!)

For a high-protein diet: The client concerned about his protein intake could easily double or even triple his protein portion (animal or vegetable) to ensure good maintenance of his muscle mass.

For a “KETO” type diet (rich in “good fat” and protein but low in carbohydrates): The customer will be able to increase his intake of “good fat” by adding portions of avocado and by adding organic olive oil available in the store for example. The nutritional indices will be automatically updated on the digital terminals each time the ingredients are changed!