Why Sowl ?

What is hidden behind SOWL ?


Hi there! Our names are May and Ségolène, and we are the creators of SOWL!
May never imagined anything other than running a restaurant and Ségolène, the chef, is passionate about nutrition.
SOWL is the child of our mutual ambition to change the face of fast food. Our seasonal products are cooked with the greatest care in order to nourish body as well as soul. Eating healthily will never have been so easy!

At SOWL, you are the “creator of flavours”; you fill your own bowl ingredient by ingredient.
“Signature recipes” are also available if you need extra inspiration.
Thanks to Julien Husson, who designed our digital terminals, your order is ready in two clicks!

From the bowl to your soul …

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~ EXIT plastic from SOWL! ~

At SOWL, plastic is OUT!
If like us, you worry about the problems caused by single-use plastics, bring your own reusable bowl to the shop! We will fill it with pleasure.
To encourage you to make this simple gesture for the planet, we will give you 5% off.
Life is beautiful, isn’t it?

We also sell a range of reusable BPA-free containers in the shop.
You too can adopt these little daily habits which change everything!