Our lunch offer is also fully customizable!

Are you in a hurry? Choose from the “Signature Bowls”, these are balanced dishes that our chef already composed for you.

You have time and you’d rather make “Your Own Bowl”? From the digital terminals at our restaurants, your computer or even your phone, you can compose a delicious salad yourself. The selection between various ingredients, hot or cold, is very easy.

Of course, our menu is dynamic, it evolves with the chef’s inspirations, the seasons, and culinary trends!



Add carbohydrates as you wish. They are hot or cold. They are mainly slow sugars to keep you full throughout the day. They are mostly gluten-free and come in a variety of cereals, wholemeal or not.


Choose your favourite salad.


Vegetables in all their forms: Sowl offers you an extremely wide choice of marinated raw vegetable mixes, steamed, roasted or grilled vegetables. With SOWL, there are vegetables that will please every palate!

Dip & spread

Our emulsions: a must! Carrot-ginger emulsion or even coconut red curry to give a gourmet twist to your bowl, they allow you to increase your vegetable intake even more. For the most classic, natural hummus, or even a guacamole!


Fish, chicken, cheese or falafels for the vegetarian option, everything is possible!


Not to mention the final touch, the toppings! Salty, sweet, sour, the little extra that changes everything.


Gluten free, lactose free, low calorie, low fat or our best selling rich and creamy peanut sauce, all options are allowed.


Visit our online ordering site frequently to discover our seasonal soups will bring a touch of warmth to your day such as coral lentils soup, for example.